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Creative Uses for an Antique Quilt Rack

On a recent adventure to the thrift store with daughter, mother in law and pup in tow, I spotted this piece. Nestled between a stack of broken wicker baskets, a pile of tools, and sitting beside a neon green wall lamp… I spotted her.  Yup, It’s a girl! And she is a beauty.  I had one of those little gleeful moments, like when you win a free play on your two dollar scratch card, or finding five dollars in the pocket of your husbands jeans while doing the laundry. My heart skipped a beat, and a large grin landed smack dab in the middle of my face.

Even though she was covered in layers of dust and hidden beneath years of grime and neglect, I could see her beautiful craftsmanship - her potential.  And for $11.99  she was worth the chance. So I dragged her home. Three hours of travelling in the back of my favourite junky truck, making her way to the place she will now call home.

Okay. I’m being dramatic and overly romanticizing the moment. But the little discovery of these pieces I’ve collected over time, these are the pieces that make my home unique, special…so me!

And as you’ve probably guessed by my title of this post, she was an antique quilt hanger.

At first I didn’t understand her purpose. But with time to kill because the others in my thrifting party were busy searching the racks of vintage clothes and other treasures, I spent a little time with her. The wood was beautiful colour but I was confused. What was she? But then it came to me. Even though I wasn’t sure of her original purpose, I had a plan.

You see, when we bought our home two years ago, it checked oof everything on my wish list and more… except there was no laundry room. Instead it had a closet next to the master bedroom that housed an old beat up apartment style washing machine and dryer.  You win some, you lose some.

Without anywhere else to put it, I was stuck with this tiny little space.  With the addition of new high tech appliances and a thrifted hutch, I’ve made the most out of my teeny tiny laundry  closet.

With space being an issue I’ve had to compromise. Each time I need to hang dry my delicates and special pieces, I have to pull out this industrial looking Costco purchased clothes drying rack. And it is a beast on the eyes. She ain’t pretty, but she is functional.  So you’re probably thinking, what does my thrift find have to do with this laundry situation. Well let me tell you.

When I first saw this thrift store piece I had a lightbulb moment. Wouldn’t this be the solution to my ghastly, unsightly metal clothes drying rack?  I could hang this beauty up and it would not only be beautiful and add charm to my space, but it would be the answer to my laundry clothes hanging issue. It was functional!  And she looks like she has always been here. Meant to be.

Later on, with some help from friends and google, I discovered her original purpose, what she was designed for… she was a swing arm quilt hanger. And although i have a huge collection of quilts and crocheted throws, all which would look absolutely breathtaking hung up on display, her new use is much more suited for our space. So she will be my extra set of hands on laundry day… which is everyday. And she will be loved.

Did you know that i was invited to be part of this amazing group of ladies that love Thrifting and home styling as much as I do. It is an honour to be included in this amazing thrifty girl gang this week. So make sure to check out what amazing thrifted treasures they found out on thrifting adventures.






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3 comentários

28 de jul. de 2023

What a wonderful addition to that spot! I love the wood against the white! So glad you joined us! ~ Kristin | White Arrows Home


Rachel Harper
Rachel Harper
20 de jul. de 2023


I love the quilt rack and it's such a fun post. Thanks for joining us this month.


20 de jul. de 2023

I would have snagged this too Bree and it’s perfect in this space. Love it and thanks for joining us❤️

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