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Our Ensuite Renovation - Where we started!

Who doesn't love a good Reno reveal? This bathroom construction took over a year. Yup, you heard that right..a whole year.

We started demo last July hoping to have it done in 8 weeks. Boy did we have a lot to learn.

Let share some before photos so you get a good idea of where we started from.

Beginning with the glossy grey tiled floor and tiled backsplash, the ugly light fixture and towel bars, this weirdly stained vanity and bowl like sink...

I really disliked the layout of this space. And yes, the closet is great for added storage, but it just wasn't working in the room. A small dark shower, a large jacuzzi tub , in the awful colour grey, and a half wall between the toilet and tub leavin no privacy when two people are sharing the room. I needed to rework the layout.

I think the prviuos owners tried to do some kind of faux cement wall here, but it wasn't successful. It was sparse,cracking and crumbling and just a compete and utter mess. I guess we're adding new drywall to the list. And don't you love the 1990 grey toilet?

Not to mention the absolute neglect of this home. Cracked tiles, broken faucets and a window that was no longer sealed... this room definitely needed some repair and replacements. And if your grossed out easily skip this next photo. This is how they left the shower. Grimyy, filthy and mouldy. Ewww! I actually wore flip flops in this shower until it was replaced.

So now you know what we were looking at, demo demo and more demo. Which led into new floors, window, walls, drywall...well heck, everything has to be done. So I guess we're starting from scratch.

Tune in for Part 2

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