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Guest Bedroom on A Budget / ORC - Week 3

CanYou believe it’s Week 3 with the One Room Challenge already? This week I was focusing on creating a blank slate. So the entire room was cleared out and prepped for paint. The room was originally Repose Grey by Sherwin Williams. I love this color, its throughout my entire home. But I wanted this room to be extra special for our guests. Brighter. Fresher.

The first thing we did was put up the shiplap. Now remember, I am on an extremely limited budget for this space. Because of this I chose to use MDF faux shiplap panels. They were $49.99 each But I got lucky. I spoke to a manager because each panel had imperfections and was rewarded with 25% off.

Money spent: $49.99 - 25% = $37.50 X 3 = $112.50 + tax =$118.13

After the shiplap was installed I painted the entire room Ultra White by Valspar. I purchased the One Coat paint. But lets be honest. It didn't live up to its promises. It took three full coats and 6 hours of hard labor. Perturbed...very, very perturbed to say the least. Not only did it triple the man hours, it was triple the price. But it's done, and my body is feeling it. Big time. Moving forward...

Money spent: $69.99 + tax = $73.49

What was I thinking getting into this? Ha ha. But I love it. But it's good I didn't write this post after spending an entire Saturday painting. I also started on the furniture, but you'll have to wait until next week to see the progress.

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