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Guest Bedroom Update - Week 6 ORC

I can't believe we're nearing the finish line. Only 2 more weeks of The One Room Challenge to go. This week I focused on the curtains and the art gallery wall.

I was able to pick up some "decorative metal "pieces at The Blue Jar Antique Mall for a great price.

They were this rusty pink color. Blech! Not knowing their original purpose, or loving their color, I had a vision. Curtain Sconces!

I spray painted them matte black, and what a difference. I then used an IKEA curtain rod $3.99 leaning between the two pieces to create the overall look. I was able to pick up IKEA new in package curtains fro the local thrift store for only $14. To make it simple I used an iron on fabric glue to hem the curtains to the right length. What a magical product that is. Saved me so much time. All I needed was a hot iron. I think it took more time to steam the curtains after they were hung then it did to hem them. I love the bright and fresh look the sheer curtains give the room.

Money Spent: $65 + $4.20 + $14 = $83.20

Next we moved onto the bare wall opposite of the headboard. I had so many ideas, it was hard to choose... so I chose them all. Ok, not really, but it was defintitly a bold choice.

First we needed to decide where to place the TV. So I traced the TV onto Kraft paper and found the placement I liked, and adhered it to the wall. (excuse the mess lol)

Next I started hanging my collection of vintage and antique floral oil paintings and cross stitching. I held nothing back. It ALL went up. I placed it starting on the wall left of the TV wall and strted wrapping it around the corner and up to the TV.

Once they were all in place we hung the TV. Is it just me or do you hate hanging black cords?

I despise it. So my quick inexpensive solution, because cutting into the wall was not an option, white duct tape. Picked up at the Dollar Tree for

Money spent; $1.25

The best part of this "Maximalist" gallery wall... there's room to add to my collection.


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