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Small Laundry Room Makeover

This is literally one of my favourite spaces in my home. Yes, I'm a little weird. But this room is just so dang pretty. But it didn't start out like this. Not even close. Check out the before photo from September 2018.

Yikes! I forgot how ugly this room was before we refreshed it. I never like the dark tile floor or the wire builders shelves. What are they thinking with those hideous things? Blech. The small cabinet beside the machines has always been completely useless and only held a few puppy items. Did you notice the Dyson vacuum installed way to high so the pup couldn't get at it? Yeah? Well I couldn't reach it either. And then we have the blue machines, well, that's because we got the floor models on a super sale, and we didn't have the budget to get any others. Of course the dog food and bed aren't pretty, but that's where Lola likes to sleep at night. And the girl snores....LOUD. So its her room, far from ours.

So first we painted the entire room in Sherwin Williams Repose Grey to lighten up the space. We added white shiplap on the main wall and ceiling, Then we ripped out that cabinet. I knew I wanted more storage but couldn't find anything that was functional, and looked good. While scrolling through Facebook Marketplace one day I came across an IKEA Wardrobe for $20. So we installed it, but removed the doors. We made new wood doors and stained them to match the beams throughout the house. I splurged on these gorgeous barn door handles. The cabinet houses all the cat and dog food, mops, vacuum and cleaners. All unseen, the way I like it.

The rich color of the stain, Minwax Early American, brings that rustic vibe that I love so much. It looks so good and it is completely functional. Next we replaced the floors. We were already renovating the main floor so these were done at the same time. It was going to cost to much to get the hardwood floors I wanted, so we purchased Luxury Vinyl Planks . It is a great product. It's waterproof, and pretty much invincible.

We were lucky enough to find a small cut-off of marble looking quartz for a steal of a deal. This makes for a great workspace compare to folding on top of the machines. I also love that its a very close match to our kitchen and bathroom countertops. Continuity is key in my home design.

I like to store my detergents and dryer sheets in thrifted mason jars. Sometimes it's just the simple things. And to hide the ugly taps and hoses I simply placed a thrifted framed embroidery art piece in front.

We made some pipe shelves and I filled then up all my thrifted treasures I've been collectiong.

This was the fun part. I've added architectural pieces,vintage tins, an old clothes iron, scissors and even a horse feeder. Old nails in a peanut butter jar, scales, crocks, books and photos. This is my favorite collection on display.

The last little touches I added were the Wash & Dry decals I cut out for the washer and dryer. I also made a sign to hang above the shelves using an antique ironing board.

It feels great to have this bright space to work in, much better than the gloomy room it started out as. My favourite part is we were able to do this on a very tight budget. I mean, extremely tight budget.

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