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Spring bedroom refresh for under $100

While the calendar says its March, the weather still thinks its December. I'm not having it! No sir. So out with the heavy and dark vibes and in with the fresh and crisp spring vibes. Who's with me?

So let's take a moment and get real. With quarantines and social distancing... the motivation has withered away along with the hopes of an early spring. So why am I telling you this? Because before I can refresh my bedroom, which is currently a deep and dark cavern, I must clean, dust, tidy and bleach (thank you COVID-19)) the entire space. I'll just keep reminding myself on how good its going to feel when it's all over.

Another hurdle I must jump over is what am I going to decorate with? We all know that the stores are closed, including my favorite thrift stores Good will and Value Village. So what's a girl to do?

Well, you order this amazing White ruffle skirt bedspread from Amazon for $55. (The link is in my Amazon storefront.) Ok, I almost never buy anything new. Lets just say it. I'm cheap. But for the small investment I thought I'd try it. Let me be the first to tell you how much I love it. Its gorgeous, soft and incredibly lush. Best $55 bucks I've spent in awhile.

My next hurdle was how to bring the Spring to Canada in the middle of a blizzard. Florals! That always makes me think of warmer weather. I decided to create a wreath wall above our barn door headboard using embroidery hoops I had on hand, and some florals I had previously picked up from Michael's. To save a few dollars I purchased the little premade bouquets that were $13 on sale for BOGO. I only used 3 for all 5 wreaths. I also added greenery and stems from Dollar Tree and Dollarama. A little hot glue and BAM! Gorgeous spring wreaths on the cheap. And what an impact they make. I added Dollarama green garland over my large dressing mirror to create balance.

Other items I shopped my house for, which were all previously thrifted, include the peach colored vintage chenille bedspread and green velvet fringed throw pillows. On my bed I styled a vintage silver tray that showed off my collection of vintage books and a crock with leftover florals from making the wreaths. I also decided to cover my charcoal grey wool chair with a sage colored vintage chenille blanket and thrifted floral pillow.

I also opened the blinds and let the snow blinding rays of sunshine peek through and freshen the entire space. Its amazing what a little sunshine can do for your spirit.

It took me all of a cold Sunday morning to freshen this space up, and as I had been previously been telling myself, it was worth every second of effort exerted. I can come out from my dark moody hole and into a serene, fresh sanctuary I call my bedroom. It is now my escape from the reality of the unpredictable and fearful climate that we are all living through each day.

I pray that you each take a few minutes of your day to refresh a space, refresh your mind and body, and refresh your spirit!

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