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The Final Reveal - ORC Guest Bedroom

Its Week 8 of the One Room Challenge. Its time to finally show the entire room completed. I'm absolutely thrilled at how bright and light the guestroom turned out and all for under $900. Including the new mattress I spent $895.50. That's a complete room overhaul on a super tight budget. I was able to keep the budget small by shopping thrift stores and doing the work myself.

Are you dying to see it? I know I'm dying to share it.

From the free bed I got off of Facebook Marketplace, to the thrifted buffet and china cabinet, not a piece in this room was untouched by me.

The bedding was thrifted, the side table was thrifted and completely redone.

This china cabinet was traded for another piece i had up for sale.

Its all about the details.

The pieces inside this cabinet have been collected over the years from antique stores and thrift stores.

Each of these items are pieces I fell in love it with.

I love old books and scales, and everything rusty and old.

This lamp was made from an old tin and lamp parts by my Friend Stacey @sawyersvintagehaven on Instagram. I love them so much I bough two.

All the linens, except the sheets, were all purchased at the thrift store. I have been collecting white linens for quite sometime. But one of my favorite features are my gold antique mirrors.

But my absolute favorite features in the room is my antique and vintage oil paintings and cross stitches.

The best part is there's a room to add more art.

I placed them around the tv to try and cover it.

Most of y family that comes to stay in this room are elderly so I deconstructed a vintage velvet chair so there was somewhere to assist them.

I love the flair it give this room.

I wrapped the art room around the corner to give it more interest. I love how it frames the room.

So I thought I'd leave you with the before photos of this room before. It was once our TV room for the kids, and now its a functional, beautiful space for guests.... and you might find me in there snuggled up with a book.

And one more.

Thanks for following this journey. Its been an adventure.

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1 Comment

Apr 04, 2022

This is gorgeous! That gallery wall is so good.

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