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Week 4 - Guest Bedroom ORC

This week I focused on the furniture that is going in the room.

I was so lucky to find this bed on Facebook Marketplace and it was exactly what I was looking for. Best was free. It was only missing the bolts and the center beam, which I was able to pick up form IKEA for under $20 And it's absolutely perfect.

Money spent: $15.75

I did have to purchase a new mattress for this room as we were upgrading it to a Queen from a daybed. I was able to buy one from Costco

Money spent: $499 + tax + $524

I purchased this gorgeous buffet from Goodwill.

Money spent: $60

It definitely needed some love. After repairing the drawers and hinges, I decided the best approach to creating the look I wanted was to strip the piece. This was my first time stripping furniture. And it's definitely not my favorite technique. Stripper $14.99 + tax

Money spent : $14.99 + tax = $15.74

I took two attempts at removing the previous stain. Brushing on the stripper, wrapping it in cellophane and letting it stir. Then you need to scrape off the stripper. This process takes time, and a lot of elbow grease. And the results were iffy, so I sanded the entire piece. I still felt like it still had an orange tone so I applied 2 coats of bleach. I simply sprayed the bleach on with a spray bottle and sat it in the sun. Finally it was loooking like the vision I had.

I sealed the entire buffet with clear wax. But I couldn't stop there. Don't you know me at all? I applied White Patina wax by Fat Paint to lighten the entire piece up. It was a home run. Absolute perfection

It was almost done. After moving it up to the room from the garage I finished it off by adding Dollarama contact paper to the inside of the drawers and shelves, to freshen it up.

Best four dollars spent so far. It really made the buffet feel like a brand new piece.

Money spent: 3 X $1.25 + tax = $3.94

Are you tired yet? I know I am, and I have the body aches to prove it.

The second piece I was able to get for this room was the small antique china cabinet.

I was lucky enough to do a trade with another at the antique mall so it was also FREE! Gawd I love that word.

I immediately removed the fancy scroll work on the glass and cleaned this beauty up. I debated back and forth whether to paint it white, sand it, bleach it... i was totally undecided.

But when the two pieces going into the room were placed next to each other, it was pretty clear. I needed to white wax it. Sometimes the best decisions are made on the fly. The softness it created helped the two pieces compliment each other.

Once I moved the cabinet into its new home I noticed how dingy and dark the inside of it was. I couldn't stop looking at it. So i pulled out the Rustoleum White Linen chalk paint and gave the inside a couple of good coats. Wow, did that ever freshen the piece up.

Isn't it stunning? Unfortunately I'm not completely finished with the furniture in the room.

I still have a side table / nightstand to refinish. That will be one of this weeks chores.

But the big projects are complete and we're getting to the good stuff.

Check in next week for more updates.

Thanks for stopping by.

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The cabinet is wonderful! I'm loving what you have so far. Look forward to the finish

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